• "Looking Up: Building Our Vision"
    Building Renovation Plan Nears Completion

  • The comprehensive interior renovation plans and costs of our 37 Miller Street building are almost completely finalized. When completed in 2017, the second floor will be used for church services and also be the most useful performance and event space in the Belfast, providing a venue for public meetings, suppers, music and theatrical performances, lectures and all sorts of other large events. An updated sound system will assure that every word spoken during church services or performances can be heard.

    The totally redesigned first floor will have four brand new RE rooms, including two rooms that will be qualified to house a community infant care center, should we decide to host one. A large meeting room for church and community events will be located adjacent to the kitchen. The church’s administrative office will be on the sunny side of the building. There will be huge amounts of space for storage on both floors and in the newly renovated the basement. All three floors will be served by an elevator.

    Roger Lee and Charlie Plourde, our contractor, have created a realistic work plan and budget for the first phase of the project. All structural and code issues will be included in the initial construction project, but some finishing details will need to be addressed later

    We have been gratified by the generous response to our $880,000 Capital Campaign. Reaching our goal is essential to avoid cuts to significant items in the renovation plan. We can do this if everyone pitches in to the best of their ability. A large and committed group volunteers can help us bring the building to completion.

    During our construction year Sunday services will be held at the East Belfast School, and administrative offices will be located at the Belfast Center, the red and white building at the corner of High and Field Streets. We will move out of the church building in June, and volunteers are needed to help pack and facilitate the move.

    In less than a year our “new” church building will be ready for us! 

    For detailed design/construction or budget information, please contact Roger Lee, (207)522-8007 or grogerlee@gmail.com.

    Click here to see the most up-to-date plans.

    Click here for more information about the capital campaign.

    To make a donation, please click here.


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    Building renovations begin soon

    voteUUCB members voted unanimously and enthusiastically to approve spending the money raised in the Capital Campaign on the building renovation project. The congregational meeting was held after the service on Sunday, May 15. (more)

    Save These Dates!

    Sunday, May 29th             Congregational Conversation about the building project after hospitality. Sunday, June 5th             Program Council at 8:30 AM. Annual Meeting after hospitality. (more)

    Plans for Interim Space during Renovations Announced

    As the June moving date draws closer, many of the pieces to our temporary space puzzle are fitting together. (more)

    Multi-gen, Multi-church Ferry Beach Retreat: Oct. 28-30, 2016

    PastedGraphic-3Save the date: October 28-30, 2016. Stay tuned for more information.  

    LOOKING UP: Capital Campaign Kickoff – the best Valentine ever!

    L2220520-640wMembers and friends who came to church on Valentine’s Day were treated to two unique events: a highly participative church service followed by a joyous kickoff celebration. In the morning, speakers Dan Avener, Angela Domenichelli, Jane Dopheide (speaking for Bill), Avery Kreamer and Lane Fisher shared how the church informs and supports their life goals. (more)

    Susan Coe makes special quilt for UUCB’s kids

    Kids QuiltUUCB’s Looking Up KICK-OFF: Perhaps you’ve noticed the large round quilted rug that now adorns the railing in the front of the sanctuary. Susan Coe, it’s creator, explained: “I made the rug for the kids so that they would have a sacred place of their own in the sanctuary, no matter where we are meeting. (more)

    Volunteer Interest Survey Form can match your interests with UUCB volunteer activities

    Wondering how to get more involved in the UU Church of Belfast ?  UUCB has Volunteer opportunities for just about any interest. Use the new Volunteer Interest Survey developed by the Programs Council to (more)

    A Report from the “Wanderers” (and what they are)

    With plans to renovate our building and to run a capital campaign, another important initiative is under way:  making plans for our period of displacement – a time frame of approximately nine to twelve months. (more)

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