• Our Mission


    We are a vibrant, inter-generational faith community, inspired by thought and spirit and grounded in love.

    Our mission is to honor differences and to foster peace, justice, and sustainability in ourselves and in our world.




    By exploring this website you can learn more about Unitarian Universalism and the ways in which our church expresses and practices UU principles and values. Our community engages in many activities and programs, for both adults and children, whose purpose ultimately is to “deepen the spirit and help heal the world.” Everyone has their own spiritual path in life and our church supports that journey by providing a community that is safe and open. We are a “free” church in that we do not tell people how to think or what to believe; rather, our church brings “individuals into a caring, trusting fellowship.” Moreover, Unitarian Universalism is a progressive, liberal faith that engages actively in peace and social justice work.

    We invite you to attend a service, meet our minister, members and friends. We encourage you to ask questions, enroll in a class, and explore how we find meaning in our lives through Unitarian Universalism.

  • Become a Guide or Mentor for UUCB Youth This Year

    Many of you have likely seen a Coming of Age or senior high Bridging Ceremony. You've probably attended one of the youth services. You've heard, first hand, how their time in RE has helped shaped who they have become. Now it's time to become part of the spiritual journey of the next set of youth coming up. (more)

    Welcome to Amy, our new Collaborative Ministry Intern

    Amy Fiorilli, a seminarian at Meadville-Lombard Theological School who is in Candidate status with the UUA, will be UUCB's Collaborative Ministry Intern over the next year. She will split her time between UUCB and our sister church in Castine. Our congregation will play a key part in her ministerial development. (more)

  • We’re Back in Our Church Building

    The first Sunday service was held in the new bright and spacious sanctuary of our renovated building on August 12, when the youth who volunteered with Safe Passage in Guatemala this summer talked about their experiences. The whole building is beginning to hum with activity--groups are meeting, the staff offices are up and running, the choir is practicing. (more)

    UUCB Receives Chalice Lighter Grant for Collaborative Ministry Intern

    The Northern New England District (NNED) of UUA has awarded UUCB a $2000 grant toward our church’s portion of compensation for next year’s shared ministry intern. (Lane Fisher was the first intern in the collaboration among UUCB, the UU Congregation of Castine, and the UU Church of Ellsworth, which began last year.) (more)

  • Around and About UUCB

    Upcoming Dates

    September 10 - Water Service welcoming all back from summer.
    September 30 - UUCB Community Open House.
    October 15 - Dedication of Our Renovated Church Building.
    October 27-29 - Second Annual Collaborative Ministries Three-Church Retreat at Ferry Beach.

    A New Vision for Program Council

    (8/31/2017) With a new year beginning in our new building, why not try other things new? The UUCB Church Council is leading us off on a year of experi-learning, trying out new ways of doing things to see what can work better, recognizing that we can learn as much from things that don’t work as from things that do. With that perspective, there is nothing to be lost from trying things, and everything to be gained. (more)

    Become a UU B&B Host

    (8/31/2017) Have you been wondering if there is an easy way to make a big contribution to our church that also expands your spiritual connections in the world? There is--through the UU Bed and Breakfast program. We are looking for hosts to welcome traveling UUs to their homes and our area of Maine. If you have a spare bedroom and a willingness to share that space with visitors, this is your gig. (more)

    “New to UU” Class begins October 1

    (8/31/2017) Are you interested in learning more about Unitarian Universalism, its history, beliefs and principles, and exploring your own spiritual journey? If so, this class is for you. This four-session program begins with an introduction by Reverend Deane Perkins on Sunday, October 1, with remaining sessions meeting Sundays, October, 8, 15, and 22. (more)

    Organizers Needed for Winter Solstice Celebration

    (8/31/2017) Winter is Coming...Winter Solstice, that is! The Winter Solstice is a time of magic and wonder, with traditions old and new. Our church has organized a Winter Solstice Celebration each year for the past 20 years. For many in our community, it is a highlight of the holiday season.  We (Wendy and Linda) have had the privilege of being the most recent organizers. Sadly, both of us need to pass this opportunity on to others this year. (more)

    Window Dressers Seeks Volunteers to organize food for “Community Builds”

    (8/13/2017) Do you enjoy nurturing volunteers with food? Would you be interested in a short-term volunteer opportunity yourself? The Belfast Window Dressers committee is looking for one or two people to organize food for our "community build" at the Belfast Boathouse October 19 through early November. (more)

    New Model for Sunday Hospitality

    (8/13/2017) This year UUCB is going to try something new and different for Hospitality. It’s a model that many other congregations have successfully used. Ten "teams" of active members and friends, which I have compiled from the UUCB Directory, will be in charge of Hospitality, one for each month (not counting July or August). (more)

    Shared Plate Recipients for 2017-2018

    (6/15/2017) The Shared Plate team (Jessie Gower, Neva Allen, and David Smith) has reviewed the nominations and selected ten organizations to receive a portion of Sunday service collections between July 2017 and June 2018. (more)

    Peace Advocacy Certificate Awarded

    (5/27/2017) In February of 2017, a small rectangular package arrived at our office in the Belfast Center. It was the official certificate recognizing us as a Peace Advocacy congregation. This small package is the culmination of four years of effort, dating back to the congregational vote in the winter of 2013 to pursue becoming a Peace Advocacy congregation. (more)

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