• A Message From Rev. Deane Perkins

    Once again the world faces the horror and tragedy resulting from hatred.  Once again France has to grieve the loss of so many lives from the attack in Paris. Sometimes the situation in the world seems so overwhelming. But “ours is no caravan of despair.” So, along with UUA President Morales (whose message is linked to below), let us say a prayer–in sadness and in pain and in solidarity–for all those whose lives were taken, for those injured, for their families, for the French people.

    Is there something more concrete that we can do?  Usually the UUA forms relationships with local groups in the area which help during times of crisis.  There is also a UU Fellowship in Paris. My hope is that we will soon hear more from the UUA in terms of concrete activities UU churches can engage in to show our support and compassion.

    This is not a time for cynicism or despair.  In whatever ways we can, ours is to help heal the world.

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    UUA President, Rev. Peter Morales’s Response to the Paris Attacks


    What's Happening at UUCB



    Winter Frolic POSTPONED UNTIL SNOWFALL, Valentine Card & Cookie Making still on for Feb. 13

    (1/30/2016) CongoLife will hold the second annual Winter Frolic "when the snow falls--watch this space" and a morning of making Valentines cookies on February 13. The Winter Frolic will be at Jan and Dean Anderson's house on Kaler Road, where participants can snowshoe, cross country ski, or go sledding, using their own equipment. (more)

    “Social Justice and the Belfast UU Church” discussion Sunday, Feb. 7

    (1/30/2016) David Smith will facilitate a Dialogue Circle after the service on Sunday, February 7 to begin a process for forming a Social Justice Committee. David views this conversation as the beginning of a slow and thoughtful process to think about how we perceive social justice and UUCB.

    “Tending Moral Injury in Returning Veterans” workshop, May 20-22

    (1/27/2016) This workshop is for clergy and faith leaders from faith communities committed to implementing the lessons learned from the workshop.  The workshop will equip and empower them to tend to the moral injuries and soul wounds that result from war and military service, drawing from the unique resources of their respective traditions and from assets in their local communities. (more)

    “Looking Up: Building Our Vision” campaign special event Feb. 14

    (1/27/2016) February is “kickoff month” for the Capital Campaign for the UUCB building project.We can feel the excitement in the air as conversations shift from generalities to the details of what we really want our removated home to look like. (more)

    Religious Exploration January Report

    Caring Circle cards(1/27/2016) We started the New Year off by all age groups making cards for the Caring Circle. This was a concrete way for the children and youth to hear about what our Caring Circle does for our congregation while also allowing them a way to help with its work. Other sessions in included children in the Primary Room making Spirit Play baskets that help teach our seven Principles and six Sources. (more)

    Volunteer Interest Survey Form can match your interests with UUCB volunteer activities

    (1/21/2016) Wondering how to get more involved in the UU Church of Belfast ?  UUCB has Volunteer opportunities for just about any interest. Use the new Volunteer Interest Survey developed by the Programs Council to learn more about what goes on in the church and how you can be involved. (more)

    A Report from the “Wanderers” (and what they are)

    (12/30/2015) With plans to renovate our building and to run a capital campaign, another important initiative is under way:  making plans for our period of displacement – a time frame of approximately nine to twelve months. (more)

    Space Needs Team update

    (12/30/2015) We are grateful to all who joined us to give input and play with ideas at our cottage meetings right before Thanksgiving. Between the two meetings, we had around 40 participants, and they were active and engaged discussions. (more)

    Second Annual Winter Frolic – Feb. 7

    (12/30/2015) The second annual Winter Frolic will be held at Jan and Dean Anderson’s home on Kaler Road on February 7, Sunday, starting at 1:00 pm Frosty, Olaf, Jack Frost, The Abominable Snowman, and all of their friends would love to have you join them for a day of outdoor winter fun! (more)

    The Volunteer Interest Survey is coming

    (12/30/2015) A small task group from the Program Council has developed a Volunteer Interest Survey to assist newcomers to the church learn more about the ‘workings of the church’ and it will help us learn more about our current members. (more)


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