• A Message From Rev. Deane Perkins

    Once again the world faces the horror and tragedy resulting from hatred.  Once again France has to grieve the loss of so many lives from the attack in Paris. Sometimes the situation in the world seems so overwhelming. But “ours is no caravan of despair.” So, along with UUA President Morales (whose message is linked to below), let us say a prayer–in sadness and in pain and in solidarity–for all those whose lives were taken, for those injured, for their families, for the French people.

    Is there something more concrete that we can do?  Usually the UUA forms relationships with local groups in the area which help during times of crisis.  There is also a UU Fellowship in Paris. My hope is that we will soon hear more from the UUA in terms of concrete activities UU churches can engage in to show our support and compassion.

    This is not a time for cynicism or despair.  In whatever ways we can, ours is to help heal the world.

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    UUA President, Rev. Peter Morales’s Response to the Paris Attacks


    What's Happening at UUCB



    Thank you from Window Dressers Belfast

    (11/22/2015) [letter published in Pen Bay Pilot] Have you noticed anything going on at the Belfast Boathouse recently? From Nov. 5 to Nov. 16, 513 internal storm windows were built and wrapped by over 100 different customers and volunteers from around Waldo County. The sturdy, pine, polyolefin-wrapped inserts will save our customers – whether they are in trailer homes or old Victorians - money on winter fuel. (more)

    Building Project Passes Important Milestone

    (11/18/2015) On Sunday November 15, 63 members gathered to vote on the next essential question on our journey: should we conduct a capital campaign to fund the building project? The congregation voted overwhelmingly in favor of committing to a campaign that will kick off in January and run through March. We approved a target of $700,000 (recognizing the more we raise above that the more of the desirable cosmetic work we will be able to complete), selected Chris LeGore and Roger Lee as campaign co-chairs, and approved hiring Full Harvest Fundraising to work with us through the campaign. (more)

    Renewable Energy Information Night Wednesday, December 9

    (11/17/2015) In a continuing quest to present carbon reducing opportunities, the Green Sanctuaries Committee will host an informational night highlighting solar energy options on Wednesday, December 9 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00p.m. The talk, presented by Chuck Piper, co-owner of Sundog Solar, will present an overview of solar energy and discuss and solar in Maine, community solar farms; pricing options and return on investment, mini-split heat pumps, and solar hot water. Refreshments will be served.

    Book Sale Income Breaks Records

    (11/17/2015) With the generous help of so UUCB members and friends, the annual book sale was a huge success, garnering $1660 for our church mission. We are truly grateful for all the help that made this possible; you donated books, set up the sale, bought books, and then cleaned up the place. Whew! It's a joy to be a part of a congregation that comes together for such a worthy project, which enables far more worthy projects. If you couldn't help this year, there's always next. . .   -  Debbie Bailly and Francine Brown

    Sarah Nicholson named to UUA New England Regional Advisory Council

    (11/17/2015) UUCB's Sarah Nicholson has become one of the two representatives of the Northern New England Region on the UUA's New England Regional Advisory Council. Northern New England is also represented by Gary Lerude of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashua, NH. The Council has two representatives from each of four regions. Its purpose is to help gather feedback to inform and shape regional programming and support strategies.

    Adult Lifespan Offering for Seasoned Souls – A weekly conversation about what it means to get older

    (10/25/2015) Tuesday mornings from 10-11:30, beginning Nov. 3, for those 65 or older, offered by Rev. Deane Perkins. It has been said that "aging is a work of art." As we age, it is nice to think of ourselves as still creating ourselves, as persons who are still becoming. The name, Seasoned Souls, comes from Eliza Blanchard's book, The Seasoned Soul). This is meant to be a weekly conversation about what it means to grow older, and what aging means to us spiritually. If you think you will attend, please let Deane (deaneperkins@gmail.com) know--there will be some short readings that he will send to you as well.

    Tails wagging for the building expansion project !

    On Sunday, Sept. 27th (and again on the 28th), the Space Needs Team presented their latest concept for the building project, which was met with strong enthusiasm from all present!  We have come circle, back to restoring the original sanctuary, but now we know why it makes sense, how much more suitable it is for our needs now, and that we can afford it.  Just about.  If we stretch and dream and have faith.  And are willing to put up with the possibility of some things remaining unfinished until we can raise the "cosmetic" funds.  It will be an adventure, and one that we will be on together, and it promises to be absolutely amazing.  Are you wagging that tail yet?
    Here is the presentation that shows concept, the projected costs, and the proposed schedule.  Please talk to any member of the Space Team if you have questions, ideas or concerns.

    THANK YOU, for your help in bringing Restorative Justice to Maine.

    RJP(10/17/2015) A decade ago, the Belfast UU Church's Social Justice Committee gave birth to the Restorative Justice Project of the Midcoast. There's a lot to celebrate! During the past ten years, RJP staff, and hundreds of trained, committed volunteers, have positively affected the lives of thousands of young people and adults in dozens of communities, schools, and workplaces, introducing them to restorative practices. (more)

    UUCB will ordain our own Dawn Fortune

    DawnFortune(10/17/2015) Come to church on Sunday afternoon, November 1st, at 4:00 to take part in a sacred ritual – Dawn Fortune’s ordination. Plan to bring food, usher, arrange flowers, and anything else that is requested, so we can do our church, and our newest minister proud. We’re a pretty cool church. We grow ministers! (more)

    Installation of Sara Hayman at the UU Church of Ellsworth

    (10/17/2015) On Sunday, September 20th, several members of the UUCB traveled to Ellsworth to watch or participate in the installation of Sara (Huisjan) Hayman as their called minister. (more)


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