• A Message From Rev. Deane Perkins

    Dear Friends:

    You will soon see a sign in the Wayside Pulpit (outside) that will read: “Black Lives Matter.” In addition, the banner that we have that says: “Standing on the Side of Love” will soon be hanging on the left side (as you face the front doors) of the church. With the recent shootings in Charleston, the numerous deaths of blacks by police, the increasing awareness of institutional racism and classism, and general racial unrest in our country, it is imperative that our congregation ask: “What can we do?”

    A number of ideas have been forthcoming. For example, perhaps we could have a forum with the Sheriff’s Office and Police Department here in Belfast to find out what kinds of training our officers have and how they deal with prejudice and racism, both within their ranks and in the larger community. During a Congregational Conversation at church a month ago it was also clear that our schools need to engage in serious work to educate our young people about multi-culturalism, diversity, racism, and prejudice. It is difficult to know how to respond adequately to the systematic dehumanization of minorities and people of color when those of us in our church community are predominantly white and middle-class. We have our own, personal work to do, and so ideas for classes, book groups (e.g. reading Waking Up White) and resources were suggested as well.

    As UUs, as a beloved community, we need to stand in solidarity with all people who are disenfranchised, and together find ways to dismantle systematic oppression. Our two outdoor signs may be small, but they tell the larger community that we are willing to struggle with our neighbors to overcome fear and bigotry.


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    UUA President, Rev. Peter Morales’s Response to the Charleston Shootings


    What's Happening at UUCB



    Annual UUCB Yard Sale Friday and Saturday, August 21 & 22

    (7/30/2015) Donations are wanted for the annual yard sale at the church. Set up-Sunday Aug. 16 after church. If possible wait to bring donations the week before sale. Small donations can be stored upstairs in church now. (more)

    Green Sanctuary Committee Lauds UU General Assembly Action on Climate Change

    (7/16/2015) At this year’s General Assembly UUs voted to adopt the Action for Immediate Witness on climate change.  And it seems we're not alone.  We in the UUCB Green Sanctuary Committee joined thousands in celebrating Pope Francis’ encyclical calling all humans to action and responsibility for the planet.  (more)

    Summer Sunday Child Care Available Beginning July 26; Adult Volunteers Needed

    (7/16/2015) Over the last few weeks it has become increasingly clear that there is a desire for child care this summer. The Council met last night and determined that, effective July 26th, child care will be available to all ages 6 months - 12 years. The child care space downstairs in the hospitality room will be recreated to ensure that there is enough room and that the children will be safe. (more)

    Mythology Summer Camp at the UUCB

    pegasus(7/12/2015) Our very first week-long summer day camp! Open to the community, it will be geared toward two age groups, 6-7 and 8-10, and children of diverse abilities will be welcomed. The theme is mythology. Camp counselors, including YRUU members along with Jessica Falconer and Jane Morgan, will guide campers in activities that center around mythology, ranging from Greek and Roman gods and goddesses to the modern mythology of Harry Potter. (more)

    Mid-Coast Hospitality House Is July and August Shared Plate Recipient

    (7/7/2015) Mid-Coast Hospitality House, a program of the Knox County Homeless Coalition, is the recipient of our Shared Plate collections for July and August, 2015. Hospitality House is a 23-bed shelter providing stability and support options ranging from health services to career/employment and substance and alcohol abuse counseling to those facing homelessness in Knox and Waldo Counties. (more)

    Listening to You: Results of the Stewardship ABD Survey

    (7/2/2015) This spring we surveyed UUCB members and friends to learn our collective preferences regarding the Annual Budget Drive.  Eighty (80) responses meant that more than half of our members took the time to share their views.  The most encouraging finding is that our campaign this year aligned well with the preferences of most members and friends. (more)

    UUCB Welcomes Karen Nelson, Our New Music Director

    KarenNelson(7/1/2015) We are excited to welcome Karen Nelson, our accompanist since 2009, as our new Music Director, replacing Lila Nation. Karen holds a Bachelor of Music degree in music education from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. She has over 15 years of experience in both choral and instrumental music instruction from kindergarten level through community college level. (more)

    “Farewell to Lila” video

    (7/1/2015) June 2015 marks the retirement of UUCB's Music Director over the past 12 years. I saw a golden opportunity to pay tribute to our esteemed music director with a video including some candid interviews of members of the choir and our congregation. Sadly, there is never enough time to include everybody, but I was lucky enough to reach a wide range of folks willing to share their valuable thoughts and feelings concerning Lila's contributions to our church. I hope you enjoy the video. -Frets Halligan,  June 30, 2015 (more)

    Space Needs Team

    (6/29/2015) When the asking price of the Crosby School was lowered to approximately 1 million dollars, the Space Needs Team (SNT) assembled a team to investigate if the building could be a feasible, sustainable and viable option to consider as a home for the UUCB. Concurrently, at a meeting in April, the Congregation voted to reengage the architects to move our building project forward through the next phase of design in preparation for the congregation’s consideration of a capital campaign in the fall. (more)

    Church Community thanks Lila Nation for her Service

    (6/29/2015) On Sunday, June 14th, the congregation celebrated and thanked Lila Nation for her 12 years of service as UUCB Music Director.  Under Lila’s direction the choir has lifted the hearts of our congregation beyond measure.  Our choir has a reputation as one of the best vocal groups in the midcoast (if not the entire state!).   (more)

    Many Thanks for a Successful Stewardship Annual Budget Drive!

    (6/29/2015) We recently celebrated our church’s twentieth anniversary, a true milestone in our dynamic history. Our community’s members and friends, all of us, are truly the heart of our church, lending inspiration, initiative, imagination, and commitment to our daily, monthly, and yearly activities. (more)

    UUCB Communications Survey Results

    (6/29/2015) Thanks to all who responded to our recent communications survey. We wanted to measure use of our four primary communications media: UU News/UUBB, our website, the newsletter and UUCB’s Facebook page and ask for suggestions. We discovered that all four have devoted followers and interestingly, yet each was rarely or never used by some others. (more)

    Lila’s Last Sunday and a Personal “Note”

    Lila1(6/22/2015) UUCB's annual All-Choir extravaganza was held on Sunday, June 7 to rousing applause and standing ovations! The UU Belfast Choir worked very hard to make this our best choir service ever, with all thirty-two members participating. The service was dedicated to our recently departed member, Helen Hughes. (more)

    New Orleans Service Trip

    (6/22/2015) The service on May 17 was conducted in its entirety by Belfast, Ellsworth, Bangor and Rockland youth who traveled to New Orleans for a service trip during the April school break. They shared what they learned about the ravages of Hurricane Katrina and the injustices done to the residents of the Ninth Ward. (more)

    Elder Oral History Project Getting Started

    (6/22/2015) The Adult Life Span has been talking for the past year about an Elder Oral History Project that would be a series of interviews with some of our church elders to hear and record parts of their life stories. We are aware that we have some very interesting and wise elders among us, and we would like to be able to preserve and share some of those stories with the rest of the congregation. (more)


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