• Our Mission


    We are a vibrant, inter-generational faith community, inspired by thought and spirit and grounded in love.

    Our mission is to honor differences and to foster peace, justice, and sustainability in ourselves and in our world.

    Corrections to June Newsletter

    June 6 moving event will NOT occur.

    June 11 Service will be held at the East Belfast School, 14 Swan Lake Ave.

  • June 11 Multi-Church Service at East Belfast School

    Ministers from UU churches in Belfast, Ellsworth and Castine, and Karen Bellavance-Grace of the UUA’s New England Regional staff, will lead us in worship during our 2nd annual Collaborative Service.  In her sermon, “Greetings from the Intersection of Hope and History,” Karen will address some spiritual aspects of collaboration, as well as its import for our denomination.  (more)

    37 Miller Street, A Beehive of Activity

    A letter of Gratitude and Excitement from our President - Walk into our building at 37 Miller Street on any given day lately, and you will find 6-12 people hard at work. There are the sprinkler guys, and the sheet rock guys, and ceiling guys. There are electricians and plumbers and heating specialists. And then there are the volunteers. (more)

  • I Don’t Want to Add to the Hate:  A Letter to President-Elect Donald Trump

    An excerpt from Rev. Deane Perkins' Post-Election Sermon

    What I have come to understand in my study of religion is that there are two basic concepts that are germane to all the major world religions.  First, “all faiths insist that compassion is the test of true spirituality and that it brings us into relation with the transcendent we call God, Yahweh, Allah, Brahman, Nirvana, or Tao.  Read the full sermon here.    -- Rev. Deane Perkins

    Declaration of Conscience of the Unitarian Universalist Association

    Since January, nearly 15,000 Unitarian Universalists have signed the Declaration of Conscience. This declaration went beyond stating our values about a fairer and more peaceful world and committed signers to take ACTION. Now, the partnership between the UU the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) is announcing the next phase in our work together: "Love Resists.” With a rich collection of online resources, we offer the tools you need to turn your declaration into action and help us join in deep solidarity, expand the concept of sanctuary, and raise our voices in our communities and beyond.

    At this extraordinary time in our nation’s history, we are called to affirm our profound commitment to the fundamental principles of justice, equity and compassion, to truth and core values of American society. (more)

    Sign the Statement of Conscience and share with your friends.


  • Around and About UUCB


    A Growing Year: The Collaborative Ministry Internship

    (5/27/2017) How can I thank you adequately for this beautiful, complicated, rich, intense, roundly wonderful, and grace-filled year of experiential learning? It’s not possible. Because what I take away from it is braided with my respect to the congregations I’ve come to know, let me reflect back some of the many ways in which that’s true. (more)

    Clothing Sale Gratitude!

    (5/27/2017) On a rainy first weekend in May, a team of dedicated members and friends turned the Fellowship Hall of the First Church of Belfast into a apparel emporium, fit to please the most discerning shopper and netting UUCB $1407.31 in sales. (more)

    Green Sanctuary encourages early orders for Window Inserts

    (4/10/2017) Are you thinking about ordering some Window Dressers inserts this year?  Were you a customer in the past and do you have a friend or neighbor who could use some? Now is the time to sign up at WindowDressers.org !  Orders are being taken for spring measuring. Inserts will be made in Belfast and Searsport in October and November 2017. (more)

    Collaborative Read: “Hillbilly Elegy”

    (4/6/2017) The Collaborative Ministry Teams (CMT) of the UU congregations of Belfast, Ellsworth, and Castine invite you to mark your calendars for the evening of Thursday, June 1 at 5:30 p.m., when groups will gather for a discussion of our second Collaborative Read, Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance. (more)

    Green Sanctuary Encourages Participation in the Food Waste Challenge

    (4/6/2017) Did you know that nearly 40 percent of food is wasted from farm to fork? Cultivating food that isn’t consumed takes a big toll on the environment: agriculture uses half of all land and 80 percent of the freshwater consumed. (more)

    UUCB receives Peace Advocacy Congregation certification

    (2/12/2017) In January 2013 our church voted on and passed a Peace Statement of Conscience, the first step in our three-year process to become certified as a Peace Advocacy Congregation by the UUA. During these years our church has performed peace activities in each of the four areas required:  International Peace; Personal, Domestic and Congregational Peace; Peace Lobbying and Activism; and Military Personnel Support. (more)

    Jennifer Howard Introduces UUCB to Helping Hands Family School

    (2/4/2017) Sunday, Jan. 15th, after church, Jennifer Howard treated the congregation to a presentation which introduced us to Helping Hands Family School, and explained her plans to relocate her pre-school school into the RE classrooms in our newly renovated church building at 37 Miller Street. (more)

    Shared Plate Recipients for 2016-17 Selected

    (7/21/2016) The Shared Plate Committee has reviewed the nominations from members of the congregation and UUCB's standing commitments to location organizations and designated the recipients for the next year. (more)


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