• Our Mission


    We are a vibrant, inter-generational faith community, inspired by thought and spirit and grounded in love.

    Our mission is to honor differences and to foster peace, justice, and sustainability in ourselves and in our world.




    By exploring this website you can learn more about Unitarian Universalism and the ways in which our church expresses and practices UU principles and values. Our community engages in many activities and programs, for both adults and children, whose purpose ultimately is to “deepen the spirit and help heal the world.” Everyone has their own spiritual path in life and our church supports that journey by providing a community that is safe and open. We are a “free” church in that we do not tell people how to think or what to believe; rather, our church brings “individuals into a caring, trusting fellowship.” Moreover, Unitarian Universalism is a progressive, liberal faith that engages actively in peace and social justice work.

    We invite you to attend a service, meet our minister, members and friends. We encourage you to ask questions, enroll in a class, and explore how we find meaning in our lives through Unitarian Universalism.

  • UUCB to host a Murder Mystery Dinner

    The Unitarian Universalist Church of Belfast will be hosting a Murder Mystery Dinner which includes a performance of the play Girls Night Out by Rick Artis to be preformed in between the delicious courses of an Italian Dinner on March 31st at 6 pm at the church. (more)

    “Uncertain Flight: a Refugee’s Journey” Presentation by Jen Gunderman

    Friday, March 23rd, 6:30 at the UUCB   Most Americans see the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean through images and video in the media. Jen Gunderman of Liberty has made multiple journeys to Greece with several organizations that provide relief to refugees arriving from throughout the Middle East. (more)

    Words from Our Collaborative Ministry Intern

    There is a lot happening at present. The Collaborative Ministry Team has been reevaluating their structure and work in our congregations. We want to do more, and we want to be substantive and real in the lives of our sister congregations. Planning for an incredible multi church worship service on the 3rd of June is underway. The theme is “How Will We Shine?” We have so much to offer each other, and the world. How will we share our gifts? How will we lift each other up out of darkness, fear and despair? We are more together than we could ever be alone. How will we shine? (more)

  • March 18th in RE!

    Here's what we did on Sunday, March 18th in RE! The Primary Room heard a story about the universe and then we created one of our own using black butcher block paper and chalk! How fun!! (more)

    Belfast March for Our Lives at UUCB March 24th

    Amy Fiorilli, our Collaborative Ministry Intern, UUCB members, and friends are organizing a Belfast March for Our Lives to be held on Saturday, March 24 at 3 p.m. at the post office. Join us in solidarity and support for our brave and passionate young people fighting for gun reform so that we all might feel safe in our schools and communities. We will march and then gather together for talks, poems, music, and inspiration for future action.  

    UU Youth Program for 2018 – UUA United Nations Office Intergenerational Spring Seminar

    As most of you know, each year our Youth take on a service learning project, which in past years has culminated in regional, national, and international pilgrimages – to Mano en Mano in Milbridge, to New Orleans and then Safe Passage in Guatemala.   (more)

  • Around and About UUCB

    Welcome New UUCB Members, Allan Harriman and Sarah Lozanova

    New to UU – April 2018

    (3/5/2018) Come join us during the month of April as we explore our own spiritual journeys and our Unitarian Universalist roots. The spring New to UU Class will be held on four Sunday afternoons in April. Our minister, Reverend Deane Perkins, our Collaborative Ministry Intern, Amy Fiorilli, and lay teacher Ian Howard will lead these classes. They will be held from 1:00-3:00 PM on April 8, 15, 22, 29. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Belfast or if you just want to know more about what being a UU means, these classes are for you. For more information contact Teresa Piper at teresapipe@gmail.com or Marion Brown at merryoneb@me.com  

    Love to Entertain?

    (3/5/2018) Do you love to entertain? Comfort food for a table full of guests? Or maybe intimate suppers of elaborate fancies?  How about cards and beer with a table full of snacks?  Or lasagna with romantic crooners in the background? How about a Basic Beautiful Brunch? Whatever your entertaining style, we’re looking for folks willing to host parties in April and May.  You pick the theme and the date, and create the event.  We’ll organize the sign-ups and collect the payments from the signed up guests.  Intrigued but overwhelmed? Pair up with someone who loves to cook if you’ve got the perfect party spot or know a great game!  We’d like each event to offer a minimum of six “seats”, which we’ll sell for $35 each.  Money for the church coffers, fellowship in small groups, creative outlets for our hosts, fun all around! For more information, or to sign-up to host, please contact me, Sarah Nicholson at snicholson@woodardcurran.com or 207-632-5039.  

    The World’s Religions 10-week class

    (3/5/2018) Adult Lifespan will be sponsoring a 10-week class on the Religions of the World, starting Thursday, March 15, from 9:30-11:30am in our Sanctuary.  We will be reading Huston Smith’s classic work, The World’s Religions (updated edition printed in 1991).  There are no costs other than the book itself.  Nor are there any restrictions as to how many people can attend.  And if you can only come to some classes and not others, that’s fine as well. Rev. Deane Perkins will be facilitating the class.  If you have any questions, please get in touch with him.  Meanwhile, if you’re interested, please read pages 1-41 of  Huston Smith’s book for the first class.

    April 4th Noontime Tea Fundraiser

    (3/5/2018) Since I believe in the saying "every little bit helps", I have decided to do a Noontime Tea Fundraiser on April 4th. My apartment is small, so I can only invite six people. However, I will not be charging $35 a person; I will have a jar on the table for you to pay whatever you feel you can afford. My place is on the first floor without any steps to get in, so it is fully accessible. If you would like to help me raise a little bit of money for the church while enjoying tea with delicious goodies, please send me an email at NevaBythesea@gmail.com.  

    RE Food Drive A Success

    (1/27/2018) Many hands make light work and food! On January 21, 2018, several RE families put their faith in action by helping transport and deliver all of the food they had collected during their RE December food drive to the Food Pantry. The participants got to see firsthand, where the food was going. (more)

    Spiritual Discussion and “Less Seasoned Souls” Groups to Begin in February

    (1/21/2018) Amy Fiorilli, UUCB's Collaborative Ministry Intern, will facilitate two discussion groups in the upcoming months. Round Two of the Spiritual Discussion Group, which is open to everyone, will begin Saturday, February 3. "Less Seasoned Souls," inspired by the ongoing "Seasoned Souls" group and open to those age 64 and under, will meet twice a month at a time yet to be determined. (more)

    “Soul Matters Packets” – What are they and what can they do for you?

    (1/12/2018) In a faith tied together by principles and choice not by doctrine and creed there are times to wonder what is it we share at our deepest level? In the Christian churches, often regardless of denomination, there is a shared liturgical calendar marking the rhythms of the year, the scriptures read and stories told. A Baptist in Ellsworth can attend a church in Belfast and know exactly what will be discussed and what readings they will hear. Perhaps that is a good thing or not, but it does bind together all of those who share that religious tradition. A bond of deepening and familiarity is possible among them. (more)

    Become a UU B&B Host

    (8/31/2017) Have you been wondering if there is an easy way to make a big contribution to our church that also expands your spiritual connections in the world? There is--through the UU Bed and Breakfast program. We are looking for hosts to welcome traveling UUs to their homes and our area of Maine. If you have a spare bedroom and a willingness to share that space with visitors, this is your gig. (more)

    Shared Plate Recipients for 2017-2018

    (6/15/2017) The Shared Plate team (Jessie Gower, Neva Allen, and David Smith) has reviewed the nominations and selected ten organizations to receive a portion of Sunday service collections between July 2017 and June 2018. (more)

    Peace Advocacy Certificate Awarded

    (5/27/2017) In February of 2017, a small rectangular package arrived at our office in the Belfast Center. It was the official certificate recognizing us as a Peace Advocacy congregation. This small package is the culmination of four years of effort, dating back to the congregational vote in the winter of 2013 to pursue becoming a Peace Advocacy congregation. (more)

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