• Our Mission



    We are a vibrant, inter-generational faith community, inspired by thought and spirit and grounded in love.

    Our mission is to honor differences and to foster peace, justice, and sustainability in ourselves and in our world.


    I Don’t Want to Add to the Hate:  A Letter to President-Elect Donald Trump

    An excerpt from Rev. Deane Perkins' Post-Election Sermon

    What I have come to understand in my study of religion is that there are two basic concepts that are germane to all the major world religions.  First, “all faiths insist that compassion is the test of true spirituality and that it brings us into relation with the transcendent we call God, Yahweh, Allah, Brahman, Nirvana, or Tao.  Each has formulated its own version of what is sometimes called the Golden Rule, “Do not treat others as you would not like them to treat you.”    Read the full sermon here.      -- Rev. Deane Perkins

    Statement of Conscience

    In an unprecedented move, UUA President Rev. Peter Morales and UUSC President and CEO Hon. Thomas Andrews invite you to sign this Declaration of Conscience, committing to put Unitarian Universalist values into action to resist hate, fear and bigotry.

    Sign the Statement of Conscience and share with your friends.


  • A Growing Year: The Collaborative Ministry Internship

    Recently someone in our congregation expressed a sense of mystery about how I, as the first intern for the collaborative ministry, am serving the Belfast congregation. That sense of mystery is understandable; I fly under the radar in Belfast for a couple of reasons that I’ll review later. (more)

    UUCB receives Peace Advocacy Congregation certification

    In January 2013 our church voted on and passed a Peace Statement of Conscience, the first step in our three-year process to become certified as a Peace Advocacy Congregation by the UUA. During these years our church has performed peace activities in each of the four areas required:  International Peace; Personal, Domestic and Congregational Peace; Peace Lobbying and Activism; and Military Personnel Support. (more)

  • Strong UUCB Turnout at Women’s Marches in Washington and Augusta

    Belfast U.U.’s in The Women’s March in D.C. A small pile of items stood next to the door; a sign, small pillow and a backpack.  A quick mental review of what was allowed at the march and the limited space on the bus convinced me not to add to it.  Granola bars, water, phone, a toothbrush, toothpaste and a few more creature comforts.  I guess I’m ready.  (more)

    Early February Building Project Update

    On a sunny day the first week of February light streamed through the windows, providing a preview of what the new sanctuary will be like when UUCB has moved back to the church building. Carpenters have built the floor of the sanctuary, and it is now possible to see how expansive the space is and imagine its many possible uses. (more)

  • Around and About UUCB


    First-Ever New England Regional Assembly, April 21-22

    (2/8/2017) If you have been a Unitarian Universalist for longer than a few months, you have probably heard about our annual General Assembly (GA).  Perhaps you heard Chris Goosman’s wonderful testimonial to her GA experience a few weeks ago.  Why is the experience so transforming? (more)

    Game Loft Is Recipient of February Shared Plate

    (2/7/2017) February offerings will be shared with Belfast's Game Loft. The mission of this organization is to promote Positive Youth Development through non-electronic games and community involvement. The program serves young people from about age 6 through high school graduation. (more)

    Green Sanctuary Updates

    (2/7/2017) Green Sanctuary book discussion Feb. 23 - Did you know that the average American throws away around $30 each month in the form of uneaten food? It’s time to reduce the kitchen waste you produce, and save money. As part of its focus on food waste this year, the Green Sanctuary Committee is sponsoring a discussion of "The Waste Free Kitchen Handbook: A guide to eating well and saving money by wasting less food." (more)

    CongoLife Activity for March

    (2/7/2017) March 11 - Seed starting and plant propagation. This will be at Cheryl’s house. CongoLife will supply soil, peat pots and a few seeds. If you have your favorite seeds that you like to start, bring them along. (more)

    Our UU Women’s Group’s Plans for 2017

    (2/7/2017) The UU Women’s Group has plans for 2017!  Your ideas and input are welcome, join us at an event, come to our planning meetings. Next event:  Feb. 14, Tea with Shelly Patton. (more)

    Jennifer Howard Introduces UUCB to Helping Hands Family School

    (2/4/2017) Sunday, Jan. 15th, after church, Jennifer Howard treated the congregation to a presentation which introduced us to Helping Hands Family School, and explained her plans to relocate her pre-school school into the RE classrooms in our newly renovated church building at 37 Miller Street. (more)

    Our 20th Annual Winter Solstice – “Welcome Yule!”

    (2/2/2017) These are the words we shouted out to drive away the darkness. With music, dance, songs and stories, our community came together on December 10th to celebrate our 20th annual Winter Solstice celebration. (more)

    Quilt Raffle Helps with YRUU’s Safe Passage Project

    (12/17/2016) This July a group of UUCB youth will go to Guatemala to volunteer with Safe Passage, an organization that provides education and opportunities to children and families who live around the capital city’s garbage dump. This will be the second time YRUUs from the Belfast church have volunteered with Safe Passage. (more)

    Multi-Congregation Ferry Beach Retreat Created Meaningful Connections

    (11/16/2016) On the last weekend of October about 70 UUCB members and friends joined those from the Ellsworth and Castine UU congregations at Ferry Beach, a UU retreat compound in Saco, Maine. Over 150 participants of all ages shared a full agenda of food, fun, family, friendship, and faith, experiencing the camaraderie and spirit that binds us. Here are some insights shared by UUCB attendees: (more)

    Shared Plate Recipients for 2016-17 Selected

    (7/21/2016) The Shared Plate Committee has reviewed the nominations from members of the congregation and UUCB's standing commitments to location organizations and designated the recipients for the next year. (more)


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