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    We are a vibrant, inter-generational faith community, inspired by thought and spirit and grounded in love.

    Our mission is to honor differences and to foster peace, justice, and sustainability in ourselves and in our world.


    Excerpts from Sermon: “I Don’t Want to Add to the Hate: A Letter to President-Elect Donald Trump”

    What I have come to understand in my study of religion is that there are two basic concepts that are germane to all the major world religions.  First, “all faiths insist that compassion is the test of true spirituality and that it brings us into relation with the transcendent we call God, Yahweh, Allah, Brahman, Nirvana, or Tao.  Each has formulated its own version of what is sometimes called the Golden Rule, “Do not treat others as you would not like them to treat you.” (see Karen Armstrong, Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life)
    Second, all religions insist that you cannot confine your compassion and benevolence to your own small group of people.  There must be concern for everyone and everything, including our neighbor, our stranger, our enemy, our earth.  Our purpose on earth has nothing to do with ambition, greed, or power, but is all about service.  We are to serve others’ we are to be stewards of the earth.  And those of us who are leaders are to help bring shalom to all—a deep and abiding peace to peoples’ hearts and souls’ a deep and abiding love for our earth.  There is no greater work that we can do.

    So during this holiday and your entire presidency, Mr. Trump, I call upon you to exemplify compassion in all you do.  To serve all the people, and not just the few.  To be a steward of the earth.   To help assure that our children—all our children world-wide—can sleep in peace.  

    Rev. Deane Perkins

    Read the full sermon here.


  • Winter Solstice Celebration Dec. 10, 4pm at the Blue Goose

    featuredThis 20th annual UUCB event at the Blue Goose Center on Rt. 1 in Northport, Dec. 10, 4 pm, marks the shortest day of the year and the gradual return of more daylight with a program of music, dance, and stories for all ages. (more)

    Looking Up! Building Up Begins

    img_4202Deconstruction of the UUCB church building is complete, and reconstruction is under way. In late October concrete for the basement floor and short walls was poured. The next steps are to add crushed rock over horizontal surfaces, extend the water barrier wrap over the rock, pour the final concrete, and apply pea stone over the wrap in the crawl space. (more)

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    Fundraising Committee Help Needed

    (11/3/2016) Do you have skills to benefit the church? If you understand Craig's List, eBay, and Amazon, and you have a bit of time to list and follow up on occasional items for sale to benefit the church, you may well be the special someone that the Fundraising Committee is looking for. Please contact Kathy Muzzy at kmuzzy@bluestreakme.com .

    Sound Team Seeks Sunday Morning Help

    (9/28/2016) The sound team needs additional people to help on Sunday Mornings. We would like to have three or four more people. We are very flexible regarding when you would do the sound.  Experience is not necessary. We can train you in a very short period. (more)

    Belfast, Castine and Ellsworth participating in a “Common Read”

    (9/19/2016) Dear Friends, You might have noticed in the publication by the UUA, The World, that there is mention of a “Common Read.” It is an invitation for congregations to read the same book over a period of time and then have some kind of discussion. It is, in fact, a way for adults to engage in religious exploration and spiritual deepening. (more)

    Shared Plate Recipients for 2016-17 Selected

    (7/21/2016) The Shared Plate Committee has reviewed the nominations from members of the congregation and UUCB's standing commitments to location organizations and designated the recipients for the next year. (more)

    Multisite Ministerial Internship

    (5/30/2016) The Collaborative Ministry Team (CMT) is excited to announce that Lane Fisher is now officially the Ministerial Intern for our collaborative ministry. She will serve all three churches (Belfast, Ellsworth, and Castine) in various capacities. (more)


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