• Our Mission


    We are a vibrant, inter-generational faith community, inspired by thought and spirit and grounded in love.

    Our mission is to honor differences and to foster peace, justice, and sustainability in ourselves and in our world.




    By exploring this website you can learn more about Unitarian Universalism and the ways in which our church expresses and practices UU principles and values. Our community engages in many activities and programs, for both adults and children, whose purpose ultimately is to “deepen the spirit and help heal the world.” Everyone has their own spiritual path in life and our church supports that journey by providing a community that is safe and open. We are a “free” church in that we do not tell people how to think or what to believe; rather, our church brings “individuals into a caring, trusting fellowship.” Moreover, Unitarian Universalism is a progressive, liberal faith that engages actively in peace and social justice work.

    We invite you to attend a service, meet our minister, members and friends. We encourage you to ask questions, enroll in a class, and explore how we find meaning in our lives through Unitarian Universalism.

  • Sarah Hewitt, our new Administrative Assistant

    The Administrative Assistant Search Team is pleased to announce that we have hired Sarah Hewitt as our new Administrative Assistant. Sarah comes to us with a wealth of experience running her own business. We are very excited to welcome her! (more)

    Wardrobe Reboot: Annual Fall Clothing Sale, Nov. 10 & 11

    Come join the team! The first task is lining up the team that will do the planning. It takes many hands to make it a success, and in the past, many hands have made it a lot of fun! See photo.  This is an important sale:  the area community looks forward to it and it brings in a big chunk of the budget monies the congregation voted to have come from fundraising. (more)

  • 2017 UUSolstice Celebration Planning Is Underway – Join US!

    This year’s UUSolstice Celebration will be held in our newly renovated sanctuary on Miller St in Belfast, Saturday, December 16 at 4 pm. (Snow date is Sunday, Dec. 17). The programming and decorating teams are forming, with meetings beginning in early November. (more)

    Help Window Dressers Celebrate A Successful Sixth Year

    Our sixth year making window inserts for our neighbors and friends quickly approaches its climax. We need your help again to transform wood, plastic, paint, glue, screws, enthusiasm, and 100s of hours of measurements, into new window inserts. (more)

  • Around and About UUCB

    Upcoming Dates

    November 10-11 - Clothing Sale
    November 26  -  November 'Fourth Sunday' Potluck (more)
    December 16  -  UUSolstice Celebration, 4 pm, Church Sanctuary

    A personal journey – What is denominational service?

    (11/2/2017) Thursday, October 5th, I began my first experience working at the denominational level, as a part of the UUA’s nominating committee. Eight of us, gathering at the UUA’s national headquarters in Boston, spent an intense two and a half days evaluating applications, clarifying needs, working on job descriptions, and working through the national bylaws. (more)

    A word from our Collaborative Ministry Intern, Amy Fiorilli

    (11/2/2017) This month has sped by! I have now met with my fabulous Intern Committee. I am so lucky to have these five souls from each congregation, to support me, challenge me and help me navigate the incredible adventure that is this internship. (more)

    Welcoming ourselves and each other at Program Council

    (11/2/2017) With the goal of deepening our connections to one another, the folks who attended Program Council on September 25 explored what it means to “be a people of welcome.” Sixteen or so people joined together to share a meal (not a potluck!) and to engage on the theme of “Welcome,” suggested by the Membership committee. (more)

    UU Youth Program for 2018 – UUA United Nations Office Intergenerational Spring Seminar

    (10/9/2017) As most of you know, each year our Youth take on a service learning project, which in past years has culminated in regional, national, and international pilgrimages – to Mano en Mano in Milbridge, to New Orleans and then Safe Passage in Guatemala.  We have collaborated with other nearby UU congregations, allowing our youth to form lasting friendships across the state. These trips have been absolutely transformative for the youth who have participated. (more)

    Fundraising Events and Opportunities

    (10/6/2017) Our brief church history is full of moments when many members have come together to make volunteer tasks part of our spiritual practice. Please consider helping with one or more of the following events: Selling books on Amazon, the Nov. 4th Clothing Sale, or the Bed and Breakfast program. (more)

    Compassionate Communication Class Offered This Fall

    (10/5/2017) Lifespan will be offering a class on Compassionate Communication (also known as Nonviolent Communication) this Fall, and I will be facilitating it.  We did this introductory course six years ago; periodically it helps to repeat it.  This is especially true when our country and world seem so divided, and when the language that is used in public tends to promote incivility and even violence.  I find NVC helpful and  persuasive; in fact, it is, for me, a form of spiritual practice. (more)

    Spiritual Discussion Group

    (9/27/2017) Facilitated by our Collaborative Ministry Intern Amy Fiorilli. This group will be similar in structure to Seasoned Souls except with no age restrictions, will run for 2 hours twice a month beginning on Saturday, October 14th from 10am-12pm. The remaining group days with be October 21st, November 4th, November 18th, December 2nd and December 16th. (more)

    Become a Guide or Mentor for UUCB Youth This Year

    (9/15/2017) Many of you have likely seen a Coming of Age or senior high Bridging Ceremony. You've probably attended one of the youth services. You've heard, first hand, how their time in RE has helped shaped who they have become. Now it's time to become part of the spiritual journey of the next set of youth coming up. (more)

    A New Vision for Program Council

    (8/31/2017) With a new year beginning in our new building, why not try other things new? The UUCB Church Council is leading us off on a year of experi-learning, trying out new ways of doing things to see what can work better, recognizing that we can learn as much from things that don’t work as from things that do. With that perspective, there is nothing to be lost from trying things, and everything to be gained. (more)

    Become a UU B&B Host

    (8/31/2017) Have you been wondering if there is an easy way to make a big contribution to our church that also expands your spiritual connections in the world? There is--through the UU Bed and Breakfast program. We are looking for hosts to welcome traveling UUs to their homes and our area of Maine. If you have a spare bedroom and a willingness to share that space with visitors, this is your gig. (more)

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