• Deane’s Twentieth Anniversary Message

    Welcome to the Unitarian Universalist Church of Belfast, proudly celebrating our 20th year. What an extraordinary accomplishment! Then again, our committed, energetic congregation often achieves the extraordinary!

    Who would have thought, in 1994, when a few families said “Let’s start a church,” that we’d be celebrating such a robust church community today? We’ve taken more seemingly impossible leaps forward since then: purchasing our “home,” the former Methodist Church, hiring key staff and hiring me as UUCB’s first full time called minister.

    Our members and friends have made significant local and global contributions through the years. Other initially “impossible” goals include: founding the Restorative Justice Program of the Mid-coast; bringing the burgeoning Window Dressers Energy Conservation Program to Belfast; sponsoring youth service projects in Maine, New Orleans, and Guatemala; and launching the first annual Belfast Peace Festival.

    Looking to 2015 and beyond, we are excited by the possibilities and challenged by the need.  Our faith community remains energetic and committed, and is blazing new trails to the future. Providing an ample ‘base camp’ by expanding our now well-used and overflowing building will be one of the crucial first steps.

    Please visit soon. It will be a pleasure to meet you. Join us on this exciting adventure.


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    What's Happening at UUCB




    2015 Stewardship Drive Gathering Steam!

    (4/14/2015) This year’s Stewardship Annual Budget Drive is well underway to ensure that the church’s financial needs are met. With Stewardship, the old adage really nails it: If not us, who? and if not now, when? The Stewardship Drive theme is: “The time is now: We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” (more)

    Building Expansion Update

    (4/14/2015) The Church Council and Space Needs Team thank everyone who attended Sunday's Congregational Meeting to discuss and vote on the question “Should we reengage our architect team, Barba & Wheelock, to revisit and restart the building expansion design process based on the findings of the Feasibility Study?” Sarah Nicholson reviewed the church’s Space Needs activities for the past three years, with a strong emphasis on the past few months.For the coming two months, re-engagement would focus on re-examining our priorities, given the fundraising potential determined by the Feasibility Study. The group was assured that architects’ consultant fees for May and June would be on the order of $2,500. When it was time to vote, an overwhelming majority of members in attendance voted in the affirmative.

    Seed Starting Program Appreciated

    SeedSave2(4/13/2015) The Congregational Life Committee held a Seed Starting Workshop on Saturday, April 11. Thanks to master gardener Cheryl Richardson, donations from EBS, Aubuchon, and Trustworthy’s, as well as donations from gardens past brought in by other community members, a few of us planted a whole lot of seeds in tiny pots and egg cartons in preparation for the growing season ahead. (more)

    Meeting on May 21 to Learn about LGBT Youth Program

    (4/13/2015) The LGBT Welcoming Congregation Committee, with the help of Rev. Deane Perkins, is spearheading the formation of a drop-in for LGBT youth similar to the highly successful “Out! As I Want to Be,” which operates in Knox County. (more)

    Easter Bonnets

    Easter2015(4/7/2015) Attendees of UUCB's service on Easter Sunday, many of them wearing Easter "bonnets," pose on the church steps. (more)

    Nominations Sought in April for Shared Plate Offerings

    (4/5/2015) The Church Council voted on March 18th to extend the Shared Plate Program for another year. During the first year of this program $6,316 was collected for a variety of worthy non-profits that are feeding the poor, protecting the environment and standing up for people’s rights. What program could better address the outreach mission of UUCB? (more)

    Now is time to Request Window Dressers’ Window Inserts

    WD2015(4/3/2015) Window Dressers Belfast is gearing up for a fourth successful build - this time at the Belfast Boathouse November 5-19, 2015.  That may seem far away, but our continuing wintery weather should remind you of the benefits of window inserts and we are actively recruiting customers NOW! (more)

    Join our Eco-Challenge in April

    (4/3/2015) For the Month of April the Green Sanctuary committee invites you to participate in our "Eco-challenge." Beginning Easter Sunday you will find a sapling and an easel display set up in the sanctuary during hospitality. Choose a leaf from the basket and write your pledge to the earth on the leaf (ideas will be posted on the bulletin board as well as the website). (more)

    Inspirational Bulletin Board

    (4/3/2015) The bulletin boards in the hallway have been transformed into an inspirational display of why the members of the Green Sanctuary committee feel its important to do the work we do in caring for the Earth.  We hope you will help us add to our display with pictures and words that inspire you to do the same.

    Discussion series on Ethical Decision-Making begins April 21

    (3/28/2015) Adult Life Span program: A dynamic 4-week discussion group on how to resolve ethical dilemmas, in which core values appear to be in conflict, will be held Tuesday evenings, 6:30-8:00, from April 21 through May 12 at our church. Using Rushworth Kidder’s book How Good People Make Tough Decisions for background, starting with chapters 1-6, we'll also explore how to find the courage to act on our convictions. Contact facilitator Debbie Bailly to sign up.


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