Can you believe it? We will be moving back into 37 Miller Street soon. We are indebted to the wonderful services that our stalwart members have provided so far!

Major volunteer accomplishments include:

Vacating the building/moving into the Belfast Center
We are grateful to the men from the Re-entry Center for their hard work. They moved our kitchen components into storage last June, and back into the building this May. They carried everything from our upright piano to countless boxes, and unloaded furniture and boxes to storage and our temporary offices at the Belfast Center.

The flooring event
With no notice, about twenty-five people gave up their holiday weekend to rip up flooring, pound nails, carry boards and get generally filthy to ensure that the wood floors in the church could possibly be saved for use in the sanctuary.

Back Entry
Jay LeGore is single-handedly building our new stoop and stairs for the back entry. He even took time to fix a hole in the roof of one of our storage units!

Ceiling Clips, Sheetrock and Window Sanding
Remember all those ceiling clips that needed to be installed to stabilize the sanctuary ceiling? Sheetrock and sanding work in the sanctuary? Thanks to Roger, Morton, Chip, Jay and Scott for their work on this project so far!

Jan Anderson and Eileen Wolper have done a sensational job getting the first floor painted and ready for the dropped ceilings and floors. Thanks also to Marty, Corliss, Chris LeGore, Roger, who helped out with specific painting tasks.

Moving kitchen cabinets
May 14 an emergency plea went out to church-goers that we needed kitchen cabinets moved at the church. About fifteen people showed up to help. Many hands make like work. Thanks to all!

Kitchen Assembly
Scott King is working to reassemble the kitchen. Come check it out!

We also want to particularly thank Roger Lee and Jan Anderson for their ongoing and tireless efforts. Their handiwork is everywhere, and way too extensive to itemize. Scores of other UUCB workers have moved in and out of the worksite, each helping out in any number of ways.

Your Contribution
The church belongs to all of us. Thanks to each one of you for your time, talents and treasure. We couldn’t have done it without you!