With a new year beginning in our new building, why not try other things new? The UUCB Church Council is leading us off on a year of experi-learning, trying out new ways of doing things to see what can work better, recognizing that we can learn as much from things that don’t work as from things that do. With that perspective, there is nothing to be lost from trying things, and everything to be gained. Join us on the adventure.

Our Program Council has been a quarterly meeting of Committee chairs to encourage coordination, scheduling, and interconnection between and among our committees. This year we’d like to try a different format and to invite anyone and everyone who is currently or considering serving on a committee. The idea is to provide an opportunity to explore our congregational leadership as a spiritual practice and develop deeper connections between ourselves. The new format will be an evening meeting at the church, to be held on Mondays, where we will begin with a simple shared supper, followed by time in small group conversation considering a deepening question, and then come back together to discuss how our committees are or could be working together towards a larger vision of our congregation‘s mission. The intent is to be both visionary AND practical/logistical. Our first meeting will be September 25, with supper beginning at 5:30 p.m. Won’t you join us? Future meetings will be November 20, January 29, March 26 and May TBD)

For more information, contact Sarah Nicholson at email hidden; JavaScript is required , 207-632-5039