This month has sped by! I have now met with my fabulous Intern Committee. I am so lucky to have these five souls from each congregation, to support me, challenge me and help me navigate the incredible adventure that is this internship.

There has been a lot of cross pollination among the congregations this month and that makes me so happy. We had a service in Ellsworth led by Belfast’s very own Mandi Thomas. It was a joy to be her worship associate and the service was profoundly moving. Individuals from Belfast also attended and participated in that service. It felt as though we were all sharing in one mission, appreciating each other and taking care. I had the incredible honor of assisting a member from Castine to bring her vision of a service to life. Johanna Sweet created a spiritual journey through poetry. It was incredible, utilizing several readers from the Castine congregation, she brought us all into a story with power and passion and deep social relevance. When we work together, what we create is nothing short of magic.

In addition to board meetings and committee meetings and supervisions with our wise and loving ministers I also started a Spiritual Discussion Group in Belfast. We’ve had two meetings and these conversations have nourished me, grown me, and inspired me. There are eleven of us meeting now every other week and when we get together I am reminded of why I chose this path. People are amazing. In our own way, we are all loving, funny, brave, imperfect, struggling, smart people. We need each other. We need to listen to each other. We need to praise each other and share with one another. We need to ask for help and we need to believe we are worthy of receiving it.

I can’t wait for another month of growth, of love, of letting go and grabbing on…with you, my people.

In gratitude,
Amy Fiorilli, Collaborative Ministry Intern
(207) 930-0007, email hidden; JavaScript is required