Our Church Council is UUCB’s principal policy forming and administrative body. The Council’s work is inherently spiritual, and this spiritual gift inspires, supports and infuses all that takes place in the name of the UU Church of Belfast. Our Church Council is supported and guided by the Executive Team, made up of the minister, the current and past Presidents, Vice President, Treasurer, and the Committee on Ministry.

In addition to our monthly business meeting, the Council also conducts a once-a-month visioning meeting, devoted to exploring a single topic in more depth. Those actively engaged in a particular area are invited to share their expertise at these meetings. Our visioning meetings infuse us with new energy and keep us creatively focused on a longer view.

In order to better define the policies that underlie all we do, our church is moving towards a “policy governance” model. This will give committees and teams the freedom to operate within clearly articulated guidelines, without micro-management.

There are at least 10 elected members, including a President-Elect, President, Past President, Treasurer, Secretary, and 5 members-at-large who serve as liaisons to a cluster of related committees. The minister and a youth associate inform our work, and attend meetings as non-voting members.

Although Church Council members serve 2-3 year terms, there are always openings to be filled at Annual Meeting time in May. If you enjoy the challenges and rewards that are part of governance work, we invite you to attend a meeting.  If you are intrigued and inspired, speak to one of our members or contact our President, Marty Daniels at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

The Church Council meets on the first Wednesday of each month for Visioning and the third Wednesday for its official business meeting.

2016-2017  UUCB Church Council

President: Marty Daniels


President Elect: Karen Wigglesworth

Past President: Chris LeGore




Minister: Deane Perkins



Secretary: Jane Moffit





Treasurer:  Susan Coe


Youth Representative:  TBA


Council Members at Large:


Lifespan cluster & Communications:  TBA



Ivy Lobato – Personal Connections



Michael Bowe

Michael Bowe – Spiritual Life



Eileen Wolper –  Social Justice