Many of you have likely seen a Coming of Age or senior high Bridging Ceremony. You’ve probably attended one of the youth services. You’ve heard, first hand, how their time in RE has helped shaped who they have become. Now it’s time to become part of the spiritual journey of the next set of youth coming up.

RE is in search of engaged and caring adults to be guides and mentors. We are looking for people who are willing to spend ONE Sunday a month with our children. You can even pick which age group you’d prefer, although we have a large need in our Intermediate room (Grades 2-5). The Director of RE prepares the sessions for you and sends them to you the Thursday before you teach; they will also be in the classroom along with all supplies you might need for that Sunday. You are paired with another adult to team teach.

Not sure if it’s right for you? This is what each age group will be doing this year:

  • The youngest children will be doing Spirit Play. You may remember the Sunday service story during the Time for All Ages about why we light a chalice. The Spirit Play baskets are like that one. We tell stories about our principles and our faith through manipulatives that the children can see and touch and use to retell the stories afterward if they choose.
  • Our Intermediate Room is doing an exciting new Harry Potter Curriculum. We’ll need some more “professors” to join in the fun, however. Do you love the books? Perhaps you’ve never read them but are interested to see what the fuss is about? Would you like to make wands and destroy some social justice Horcuxes? Sign up to be a guide, er…professor!!
  • Our Coming of Age group needs several new mentors this year. We have about six kids coming up, and each of them will need a mentor. A mentor is someone who will come to their RE class on occasion, participate in our wicked fun overnight retreats (spending the night for mentors is optional,) and help our youth discover their own spiritual path. This truly is engaging work. If you’d like to talk to a past mentor before deciding, let me know, and I’ll provide you with names.
  • Help is often needed in the Toddler Room. Contact Shannan Boyorack, our Child Care Coordinator, at email hidden; JavaScript is required .

Worried you won’t know what to do? Fear not! I will train all volunteers, and afterward I’ll partner you up with an experienced guide the first few times so you get the hang of it. There is lots of support and love to be shared.

With our new space, we may attract some new families. I would love to be ready to greet them with guides who are ready to serve. Won’t you please consider being a guide or a mentor this year?

If any of these wonderful experiences interests you or you’d like to find out more, please let me know at email hidden; JavaScript is required .

Danielle Bannister
Director of Religious Exploration