Our second Program Council (PC) meeting took place on November 20, and with soup and love we dove into several wonderful discussions. Our check-in reflected on places we had seen and experienced “Welcome” in our congregation since our last PC meeting where that was the focus.  After two inspiring short videos, including one of Maya Angelou talking about how Love Liberates us, we discussed the characteristics of spiritual leadership and the ways that changes the “How” of what we do. We then explored the ways we can help each other and ourselves make our work as leaders more spiritually enriching.

This is new territory for us at UUBelfast, and these discussions can be challenging, but they are also exciting!  Shifting our culture around leadership and “doing” is a process, but the connecting that is happening feels real and enlivening. Won’t you join us on January 29th for our next exploration? Please feel welcome, whether you currently have a leadership/committee role, have done it for a million years or haven’t yet put a toe in, we’d love to hear from you.

There is another upcoming opportunity for exploring leadership this spring that is available to all. The UUA is offering on-line courses through the UU Leadership Institute. The courses are low-cost and you go at your own pace. This spring they are offering four interrelated, progressive core courses:

-Faithful Leadership  -Centered Leadership  -Strategic Leadership    -Adaptive Leadership

With blessing from my co-presidents and the executive team, I am encouraging participation in these courses. They are interrelated in that they provide opportunities for us to set up discussions that everyone at UUCB (or with our sister churches!) that is taking any one of the courses can participate in. This is another great way to develop our leadership connections and depth. I am going to be taking the Strategic Leadership class and several others have expressed interest in one or another class. If you have any interest, please contact me or check out the UULI website.  Registration is now open for the semester running January 26 through May, 2018 and courses cost $30. Please speak to me or Deane if the fee is a barrier to your participation.

Sarah Nicholson