We are happy to report that after adjusting to our new space in various ways, the 2017 Clothing Sale was a success-bringing in around $2,500!

First of all, we are grateful for all the quality donations which help make our sale so appealing.  We thank Jeffrey Mabee, Jim Rhodes and Dean Anderson for moving things from storage.  Gratitude also to Debbie Bailly, Joanne Boynton, Francine Brown, Chris LeGore, Tera and Eric Kennedy and Cheryl Richardson for many hours of help sorting, arranging, cashiering and clean up.  Thanks, also, to those who pitched in for an hour or two and/or came to shop when time allowed in busy schedules.

We were happy to send many of the leftovers to a project that is collecting for Syria.

Last but certainly not least, we are very grateful to our dear husbands Bill and Jeffrey for their love and support.

Jane and Judith