Debbie and shawlThe Caring Circle supports the physical and emotional needs of members of our congregation who are dealing with significant life events. Difficulties might include illness, depression and isolation, addiction, marital issues, divorce, death, or grief. Other needs may come following the birth of a baby or during recovery from surgery.

We facilitate meals, visits, and transportation. We provide emotional support, friendship, help with practical matters, assistance in finding resources for help, and sometimes advocacy.  A trained team provides pastoral care.  We listen and observe, believing that it is important to reach out to individuals whose needs are not as obvious as others.

Several times a year UUCB has a “Sitting Circle.” It is a quiet time of togetherness to express concern and support for members in need. We meditate, think, and talk together.

Our “Shawl Ministry” is a tangible expression of caring. A group meets monthly to knit and embellish cozy shawls, which we believe can provide comfort to members in need. We also make celebratory shawls for brides and new mothers and babies. If you would like to join the group or know someone who might be in need of a shawl, please contact Neva Allen (email hidden; JavaScript is required ) or Sue Cobb (email hidden; JavaScript is required).

If you would like to know more about the Caring Circle, contact Patty Smith at email hidden; JavaScript is required or (207) 338-5802.