Our brief church history is full of moments when many members have come together to make volunteer tasks part of our spiritual practice. Please consider helping with one or more of the following events: Selling books on Amazon, the Nov. 4th Clothing Sale, or the Bed and Breakfast program.

Selling books on Amazon
Several years ago, we had a person who would sell books donated by the members of the congregation on Amazon. This was a wonderful fundraiser for the church. We made hundreds of dollars. It’s a way of volunteering on your own schedule. We are looking for two volunteers; one with extensive knowledge of books, who enjoys doing a little research and one to take on the task of getting the books in the mail in a timely fashion. We will not be having a book sale this fall, so it’s a great way to recycle books and get them to people who really want them. Contact Kathy Muzzy, email hidden; JavaScript is required for more info.

Clothing Sale
Currently planned for Nov. 4th. Save your used clothing. Manny volunteers are needed. Contact Judith Grace and/or Jane Dopheide for more info.

UU Bed and Breakfast Program
Help make money for the church from a spare bedroom. This is a program in which many churches across the country participate. Our church and the homes that are participating are listed in a directory of UU churches offering their homes in Bed and Breakfast program. Only UU congregants participate. Those interested in a room contact our church office. The church office contacts our coordinator of this program. You decide what you want to charge per night. You can decide to donate half or the whole amount to the church. You can decide when the room is available. You decide whether you want to include breakfast, kitchen privileges or just a room. There have been friendships made through this program and members of our congregation have stayed at homes offered through other UU churches. Please consider participating in this program. Contact Kathy Muzzy or Nan Rowe for more information.