Clothing Sale Report

(1/12/2018) We are happy to report that after adjusting to our new space in various ways, the 2017 Clothing Sale was a success-bringing in around $2,500! First of all, we are grateful for all the quality donations which help make our sale so appealing.  (more)

Intern newsletter, Amy Fiorilli

(1/12/2018) Hello All, I am filled with gratitude this morning. I am looking out onto a gray and snowy landscape, buffered by the twinkling Christmas lights and warm greenery decorating my space. I am aware of what a privilege it is to pursue this calling I love and engage my life with ever deepening connections to you and to all that is truly holy and sacred. (more)

Building Leadership Connections at UUCB

(1/12/2018) Our second Program Council (PC) meeting took place on November 20, and with soup and love we dove into several wonderful discussions. Our check-in reflected on places we had seen and experienced “Welcome” in our congregation since our last PC meeting where that was the focus.  After two inspiring short videos, including one of Maya Angelou talking about how Love Liberates us, we discussed the characteristics of spiritual leadership and the ways that changes the “How” of what we do. (more)

The solstice sun rises on Miller Street!

(1/12/2018) On the evening of December 16, amid a forest of greenery and the twinkling of thousands of tiny icicle lights, our mistress of ceremonies Gemma Scott welcomed one and all to our 21st annual Winter Solstice celebration, held for the first time in our own sanctuary. With music and dance, poetry and play, we drove away the darkness and invited back the light. (more)

Coming of Age Retreat

(1/12/2018) On December 2-3, 2017, seven Coming of Age (middle schoolers) and their seven mentors attended our first COA Retreat of the year. During the retreats, the children get to watch a movie, have ice cream sundaes, and partake in four workshops that focus on: their beginnings (Stardust), their community (Coral), the beauty within them (Geode) and the legacy they wish to leave behind (Fossil.) (more)

Renewing Welcoming Congregation Status

(11/25/2017) The Unitarian Universalist Church of Belfast has an exciting opportunity to collaborate with our sister churches of Ellsworth and Castine to renew our Welcoming Congregation (for LGBTQ et al folks) status. A lot has happened in the world since our first go around with this and there is so much more information for us to learn and share. (more)

A word from our Collaborative Ministry Intern, Amy Fiorilli

(11/2/2017) This month has sped by! I have now met with my fabulous Intern Committee. I am so lucky to have these five souls from each congregation, to support me, challenge me and help me navigate the incredible adventure that is this internship. (more)

Welcoming ourselves and each other at Program Council

(11/2/2017) With the goal of deepening our connections to one another, the folks who attended Program Council on September 25 explored what it means to “be a people of welcome.” Sixteen or so people joined together to share a meal (not a potluck!) and to engage on the theme of “Welcome,” suggested by the Membership committee. (more)

Sarah Hewitt, our new Administrative Assistant

(11/2/2017) UUCB is pleased to welcome Sarah Hewitt, our new Administrative Assistant. Sarah comes to us with a wealth of experience running her own business. We are very excited to welcome her!  Her office hours are Mondays and Fridays from 10:30 – 3:30. Please be patient with her as she learns the ropes! There are a lot of details to making our church hum! (more)

Fundraising Events and Opportunities

(10/6/2017) Our brief church history is full of moments when many members have come together to make volunteer tasks part of our spiritual practice. Please consider helping with one or more of the following events: Selling books on Amazon, the Nov. 4th Clothing Sale, or the Bed and Breakfast program. (more)