This year UUCB is going to try something new and different for Hospitality. It’s a model that many other congregations have successfully used.

Ten “teams” of active members and friends, which I have compiled from the UUCB Directory, will be in charge of Hospitality, one for each month (not counting July or August). There will be ten coordinators, one for each month, and each coordinator will contact members of their “team” for one of the four Sundays in their designated month.

Why this model? First, because no one has to do Hospitality week after week. Second, because it means each person will only help with Hospitality a few times a year – and then they are done! Third, it will bring more people in to help with this simple task, thus spreading the work out. Fourth, it’s a great way for new people, those who don’t attend that often, and people who are thinking about getting more involved to participate without making a big commitment.

What is involved? Hospitality means making tea and coffee; bringing food (if the team decides to); setting up tables before church; and cleaning up tables, dishes and food afterwards. We will use the coffee makers that were purchased this past year for use at East Belfast School. These are easier to operate than the big ones.

Your coordinator will contact you when it is your month. You may be asked to do any of the jobs listed above. If everyone participates, then it may be for just one Sunday! In any case, it will be for just one month.

Chris Legore has graciously agreed to be the coordinator for the September team. If you are on that team, she will contact you soon. If you don’t hear from her, then you are not on that team, and you will be called later in the year by a different coordinator. It’s that simple! Let’s see if we can’t make this new model a success!

Looking forward to sharing food and beverages with all of you in the new meeting room downstairs in September…

Marty Daniels, Past President