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March 18th in RE!

(3/19/2018) Here's what we did on Sunday, March 18th in RE! The Primary Room heard a story about the universe and then we created one of our own using black butcher block paper and chalk! How fun!! (more)

This week in RE! 3/11/18

(3/12/2018) While the adults heard a wonderful sermon by Steve Weston, this is what the children did in their rooms. The Primary room heard the retelling of a spirit play story about why we light a chalice. We learned about what the chalice holds (the spirit of life, god, the mystery, our faith community) and how our 7 Principles helps keep this community in balance with each other. They then got the chance to retell the story and make a chalice of their very own to take home. (more)

What we did on Sunday in RE on March 4, 2018

(3/5/2018) Our Primary Room worked on a Spirit Play basket based on the children’s book What if the Zebra’s Lost Their Stripes. A wonderful story about what would happen if there were no zebras and only white horses and black horses. It’s a gentle introduction to race relations and how we can treat one another with care and compassion. After the story, they worked on making zebras of their own to help remind them about the story. (more)

This week in RE! 2.11.18

(2/12/2018) The Primary class talked about Peace this week. What it is, and how we practice it. After our story, they worked on peaceful mandalas.

RE 2.4.18

(2/9/2018) Sunday, February 4th, Gemma Scott led an Imbolc ritual for RE. A gorgeous felt seasons wheel was created by Jennifer Howard for the special occasion.

November 2017

(11/2/2017) We certainly have been busy these first few months! They have flown by! A gentle reminder, if you are a parent/guardian and you haven’t registered your child for RE we ask that you please take some time to do that. Forms are at church, in the classrooms and have been mailed home. If you need another set sent to you, contact Danielle at email hidden; JavaScript is required . If your child/ren are between the ages of 9-12 they are invited to participate in a multi-church Pre-Teen sleepover, hosted by our church on Saturday, November 18-November 19. The cost is $15 per child (to cover food and guest speaker). Registration information can be obtained by Danielle. Send her an e-mail. Registration is due by Nov. 12! Danielle Bannister, Director of Religious Exploration, DRE email hidden; JavaScript is required 505-5383

April 30. 2017

(5/3/2017) The Primary, Intermediate and COA rooms all did a session on water pollution where we took a bucket of clean water and slowly polluted it with contaminants. At first, the clean up was easy. A few food scraps were easily fished out. Then it became harder as toxins from landfills made their way into the ocean. The strainers caught some, but not all of it. Then came the oil. Forget about it. There was no easy way to clean that, even with Dawn! The hardest to get out was the plastics. They were shocked to learn just how long the plastic stays in the oceans (hundreds of years! See the How Long Til It's Gone graphic attached) and how it affects the sea life. They ended the session watching these two videos and taking home a We Care Calendar challenge of small things they can do at home to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in our oceans. I'm attaching the challenge here for you to do at home as well! What really happens to the plastic you throw away? Click below to enlarge: Ocean Cleanup Project

April 23, 2017

The Primary Room heard the spirit play story of The Lorax then went outside to investigate nature using mini magnifying glasses that they got to take home to remind them to keep a close eye on nature.
The Intermediate Room heard the beloved story Everybody Needs a Rock (A story about how important it is to find and keep a rock with you). They then got to design their own rock to take home and one to keep in their pockets to remind them to stay connected with Earth.
The COA Room stayed for the service and sat with their Mentors using their Doodleography journals to help them listen with full minds.

April 9, 2017

(4/10/2017) On Sunday, our Primary Room heard the story of Big Al, a big fish with scary-looking teeth. None of fish would talk to him because he looked so scary. Big Al did everything he could to try and make friends but they stayed away. Until one day a net caught one of the smaller fish and Big Al used his teeth and strength to cut the fish away. The fish weren't scared of him anymore. They were able to look past his appearance and see the big heart inside. The Intermediate room got to celebrate Buddha's birthday by bathing him in flowered water! It smelled so good!

April 2, 2017

(4/6/2017) While Danielle was in Ellsworth with over 30 kids (6 from our church) to have our 4th annual pre-teen sleepover with 5 local UU churches, the kids that were in Belfast did the following things: Primary Room: They heard a story about calming busy minds and finding peace (a hard word to define!) After they had the opportunity to use the glass beads and make mandalas to help them practice quieting their minds. Intermediate Room: We used our democratic process today to determine how the class worked today. They got a say on what story to hear and what activity to do (outside time for the win! Finally Spring!) COA Room: This was a Mentor and Me Sunday which the youth invited their mentors to come to RE to make some deeper connections. They too, went outside and did some games together. YRUU: Our youth met Sunday afternoon, had our check ins, and watched one episode of The Story of God with Morgan Freeman on how other faiths deal with the idea of death. What happens when we die? Several varying faith beliefs were presented then we had a discussion of what they thought.