Who are the professionals involved in the project?

Al Hodson is the structural engineer who surveyed our building and determined that it was structurally sound and that building the second floor to reestablish the sanctuary upstairs was feasible. He will create the structural plans for the builder to follow as he installs new floors and the structures that support them.

Nancy Barba and Cynthia Wheelock are the principal architects of Barba + Wheelock and have been working with us for the past 2-3 years. Linda Braley is the Project Architect. They will be helping us with the finer design points of the project.

Charles Plourde is a builder from Waldo whose company has constructed, restored and built additions to several churches in the Midcoast area, including the new Methodist Church and the addition to St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church in Belfast. He has built nearly all of the Goodwill stores in our area. He is very excited about our project and has devoted a lot of time to working with us to make sensible design choices and control costs.

How will this project serve organizations and groups in the larger Belfast area?

The church will have flexible spaces for meetings and gatherings on the first floor, with easy access to a full kitchen. The large sanctuary on the second floor will be an open space with a “stage,,” good acoustics and lighting, movable seating, and a kitchenette. It will be an excellent venue for performances, lectures, and many other community uses. The building will be fully accessible, with an elevator and handicap rest rooms.

What is the project timetable?

Renovations are scheduled to begin in the summer 2016. Construction will be completed by September 2017.

Where will church services be held during the period of renovation?

A Wanderers Committee is researching interim locations for Sunday services and religious education classes, staff offices, and meeting space and will make their recommends this spring.

How can I help with the project?

Lots of help from lots of people will be required during the building project. If you have a special skill or energy and enthusiasm and would like to help, please contact of the Space Needs Team members.