P1080916-640wThe Space Needs Team (SNT), formed by the church council and charged with creating a viable plan for expansion, began its work in January 2012.  The original team has carried through since then, with a few membership shifts over time.

Since 2012 we have surveyed the congregation, held small “cottage” meetings to facilitate conversation, hired a structural engineer and architects, worked with two fundraising consultants, one from the UUA and one local, held many congregational meetings and a number of votes, researched, dreamed, interviewed, and used reams of paper to design, sketch, explain, plan, revise, and revise again.  We held tours and open houses, ice cream socials and celebrations.  The Team has met bi-weekly and then weekly, for over four years.

This four-year journey by the SNT led us from the obvious but seemingly impossible solution of renovating our building by reestablishing the old sanctuary to forays out into the community to look at other possible locations for our home. We evaluated whether the Miller Street site was sufficiently large to meet our needs for the very long term and evaluated numerous conceptualizations of additions to the building. We finally came full circle to revisit a previously rejected plan to expand upward, reestablishing the old second floor sanctuary and creating religious education classrooms in the current first floor sanctuary space.

Sarah Nicholson chairs the Space Needs Team. Original members were Roger Lee, Jan Anderson, Gemma Scott, Michael Bowe, and Rev. Deane Perkins, who were joined two years ago by the UUCB executive team of Jane Dopheide, Chris LeGore, and Marty Daniels. Present SNT members are Sarah Nicholson, Jan Anderson, Marty Daniels, Jane Dopheide, Roger Lee, Wendy Watkins, and Rev. Deane Perkins.

As we enter the final phase of planning for our new space, Aesthetics and Sound and Acoustics sub-teams are addressing the finer points. The Green Sanctuary Committee will provide input and advice when needed. Michael Bowe is leading the Wanderers Committee, which is looking at options for interim facilities for church functions during the renovations.