While the adults heard a wonderful sermon by Steve Weston, this is what the children did in their rooms.

The Primary room heard the retelling of a spirit play story about why we light a chalice. We learned about what the chalice holds (the spirit of life, god, the mystery, our faith community) and how our 7 Principles helps keep this community in balance with each other. They then got the chance to retell the story and make a chalice of their very own to take home.

The Intermediate Room worked on balance as well. They first did a hands-on balancing act with large sticks. Working hard to keep it in balance, and then were challenged to try to bring that individual balance closer to each other, where it became harder. How do we keep our own stick in balance when other people’s sticks may affect our own? Afterward, they were given an artistic representation of balance in color. Why are two opposing colors key in making balance?

The COA Room worked on a different sort of balance. The balance of work and play. They had a Mentor and Me Sunday in which their mentors were invited to join them in a group game day. These are always such fun as they get a chance to make deeper connections with their mentors while having fun at the same time.