In the Sunday service on June 3 four high school seniors moved up and out from YRUU , the church’s high school youth group, and one student bridged to YRUU from Coming of Age (COA), the middle school RE program. The service was a meaningful one to students and the congregation alike, as each of the teens reflected on how being a UU and active participant in UUCB has shaped who they are and their values. The graduating seniors are MacKenzie Barnhart, Jeremiah Chaplin, Max Howard, and Avery Kreamer. Dylan Locke bridged to YRUU.

Mackenzie, Avery, Max, and Jeremiah

Some of them included readings and song in their reflections. Mackenzie read an excerpt from The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz. Avery read Robert Frost’s poem The Road Not Taken. Forgoing his prepared piece, Max shared impromptu thoughts and sang a song. Deane Perkins, Jessica Falconer, YRUU advisor, and Danielle Bannister, Director of RE, invited the students’ parents and mentors to the dais and led the bridging ceremony. Each youth received a rose and each senior a framed photo collages of their shared UUCB experiences. Mentors are Susan Coe/Mackenzie; Roger Lee/Jeremiah; Michael Bowie/Max, Dan Kirchoff/Avery, and Morten Moesswilde/Dylan.

Front row: Jeremiah, Mackenzie, Max, Avery, and Dylan.
Back row: Deane, Danielle, Anna Wood-Cox (representing Susan Coe), Morten, Dan, Jessica and Roger