Come join the team! The first task is lining up the team that will do the planning. It takes many hands to make it a success, and in the past, many hands have made it a lot of fun! See photo.  This is an important sale:  the area community looks forward to it and it brings in a big chunk of the budget monies the congregation voted to have come from fundraising.

“Department heads” are needed, especially for the boutique and children’s area.  They do the planning for their particular section and help direct other volunteer workers. They are part of a team of 8 to 10 people who coordinate the lay-out of the sale and decide what the many volunteer helpers should do next.

A bit about these two areas: The boutique is fun to arrange. You’ll have all the nicest clothes and accessories to work with. Maybe you could think of someone you have fun with and ask if that person will sign up with you! The kids’ area is just a matter of sorting things into sizes and picking out the cutest things to display on the wall. It’s nice to have a couple of moms or grandmas take on that department. Being a dept head does not mean you do all the work of setting up that area, but that you plan the layout and other volunteers help carry out those plans.

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