(Infants to 4 years)

Deane and VioletLoving and safe child-care for our youngest children, infants 6 weeks and older to toddlers to about age three (depending on the child). Three teen child-care providers are always present in the infant/toddler room on Sundays. Additionally, our hospitality room is equipped with speakers and is available for nursing mothers or parents who wish to sit with their children outside of the sanctuary. We also have head-sets available from the sound operator sitting in the back of the sanctuary which will allow you to hear the adult service while in the infant/toddler room, if you prefer.

If you do use the infant/toddler room, we ask that you:

  • Bring changing supplies. There is a changing table in the room.
  • Sit near the back of the sanctuary so that child-care providers can find you if needed. The providers will use good judgment about when to come and get you, but no child will be allowed to cry for an extended period of time.
  • Return for your children promptly after the service.