Grades 6-8*, Coming of Age (COA) in the first half of the year will use the curricula A Questing Year. During the year we will explore four quests in growth areas: UU Quest (understanding our faith); Action Quest (exploring social justice); Inner Quest (self discovery); Mystery Quest (discovering our own beliefs). After the Holidays we’ll begin Popcorn Theology. This curricula challenges our youth to find faith in popular films. In each class we’ll watch parts of movies (some in their entirety over several classes or retreats) and discuss the religious nature behind them. In addition to Sunday meetings, we also have occasional sleepovers (retreats) where we do more intensive group building and faith development workshops. Retreats run from 6:00pm on a Friday to noon on Saturday, and COA group typically has that Sunday off from church (to sleep).  This group will also work on getting mentors in early November to attend occasional classes and these retreats with them to help them bridge the bond between children and adults.

* Exceptions can be made for those students who stayed back. Contact the DRE.

For more information contact Danielle Bannister, Director of Religious Exploration,

email hidden; JavaScript is required, 505-5383.




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