The Safe Congregation Committee authors the church’s Safe Congregation Policy document that promotes the safety and well being of all aspects of our church community. The committee establishes the policies and procedures regarding education, prevention and guidance in all matters relating to a welcoming and safe congregation.

Our commitment, as Unitarian Universalists, to the inherent worth and dignity of every person and to justice and compassion, compels us to ensure a safe environment that protects children and adults from harm and promotes their spiritual growth. We highly value the ideals of community, the search for truth, and the call to make our world a better place to live. We hold that it is the responsibility of all members and friends of our church to work at preventing all types of abuse. To this end, we ask the members and friends of our congregation to accept the responsibility of educating ourselves and our children, to pledge to do our best to protect those at risk, and to support those in crisis.

A comprehensive Safe Congregation Policy document is available which addresses all aspects of safety, abuse, harassment, relationships as well as daily considerations of transportation of youth, criminal checks for youth leaders, and a weaponry policy with guidelines and procedures for addressing pertinent issues to resolution. Click here to read or download this document.

Future plans include providing training for guides and chaperones to progressively support children in UUCB programming with Asperger’s and other behavioral, social and emotional issues.

For more information or to address concerns, please contact Susan Coe, email hidden; JavaScript is required .